Inspired by Farage’s rebranding, Labour to become ‘The Procrastination Party’ – although timetable for the change is yet to be agreed upon.

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Labour to rebrand as Procrastination Party - although timetable for the change is yet to be agreed upon

In France, the far-right National Rally (formerly called The National Front) has beaten Emmanuel Macron’s centrists at the European elections and, in the UK,  Nigel Farage’s party, previously UKIP but now the Brexit Party, is the biggest party in the UK.

Always keen to get more votes, leading politicians of other party’s are looking to change their party names to pick up more votes. 

The Labour Party…

….realised this a long time ago and have actually managed to agree in a name that best represents them, but a timetable to change their name to the Procrastination Party has yet to be agreed on.

The Conservative Party

More commonly known as the Torys, will merge the two names together to become the Conservatory Party which will better reflect how people can see right through them.

The Green Party

When, or if, the Labour Party change their name to the Procrastination Party, The Green Party will become The Labour Party as, not only will it reflect their left-wing policies, but it fits in with their recycling policy. Already, Green activists have been scouring plastic recycling bins across the country and taping back together all those cut up Labour membership cards.

The Change UK Party

The KU party.

The Liberal Democrats

Commonly abbreviated to Lib Dems, will now be the Ber Mocs to get rid of their left-leaning image and appear more centrist.

The SNP (Scottish National Party)

A small change to reflect their desire to remain in Europe but not in the UK and become the SHP (Scottish Hypocritical Party).

Plaid Cymru

The Welsh Party. Partly so they won’t have to keep explaining to the non-Welsh speaking Welsh that it’s Welsh for the Welsh Party but also to stop being criticised for putting the Party before the Welsh.

And finally…


Who are trying a twist on an old advertising trick to convince people who are politically correct to vote for them by becoming the ‘I Can Believe I’m Not A Racist Party’.

“Honest! We may look and sound like a racist party but just try voting for us and see what it’s like.”


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