“I’m still your friend Boris you lying, two-faced Wanker!” says ‘Gremlin’ Arcuri

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I'm still your friend Boris you lying, two-faced Wanker! says 'Gremlin' Arcuri

Jennifer Arcuri says Boris Johnson ‘cast me aside like some gremlin’

This might seem like a rather odd statement from someone who later went on to say.

“I’ve kept your secrets, and I’ve been your friend.”


Nothing to do with the fact he allegedly gave you £126,000?

So being treated like a Gremlin is fine, you’re still friends, even though you’ve just publicly slagged him off?

Not to side with Mr Johnson but there is a fairly strong case to suggest that this woman is fucking mad.

She’s mad for making friends with him in the first place, and then she’s doubly mad for saying they’re still friends even though he apparently treated her like Shit.

She then went on to say

“I was brushed off as if I was one of Kennedy’s girlfriends showing up to his White House switchboard, you know, here to do my, you know, calling”.

But, no worries I’m still your friend you lying wanker.

Why not?

What are friends for after all?

What’s a little derisory interview in The Times among buddies right?

Well, it’s probably more than £126,000 that’s for sure.

Expect a book deal soon; ‘Jennifer Arcuri – How to make friends, take their money, slag them off and stay friends with them – my story’

Ms Arcuri said she had tried to ask Mr Johnson for advice on how to handle media attention over the allegations.

Okay so she’s actually asked Boris Johnson, a man who’s grasp of PR is right up there with Charles Manson, for advice on how to handle the media.

That is not sane behaviour.

And what was this golden nugget of advice he gave her?

One seriously doubts that he said ‘Go to The Times and tell them I’m a lying, misogynist, bastard!’

BetFred and Ladbrokes are currently offering good odds on which one of these two pals will send the other a Christmas card first.


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