“If I didn’t say it in Latin, I didn’t really mean it” says Mogg, explaining U-Turn over May’s deal.

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Rees-Mogg explains U-Turn- If I didn't say it in Latin, I didn't really mean it

ERG leader Jacob Rees-Mogg admitted on Wednesday that he might be ready to vote for Theresa May’s deal despite previously saying that no deal is better than the deal on offer.

In the past Rees-Mogg was so adamant that the he couldn’t vote for the deal, that he attempted to overthrow the Prime Minister, but now he seems to have had a change of heart “Please don’t judge me by my past comments and actions, I may have previously not supported Ms May and tried to have her thrown in the London Dungeons, but that’s all in the past, these days we lunch at Pret A Manager together. Besides anything I say that isn’t in Latin is most likely to be bullusfullus, that means bullsh*t to you common folk. Anyway principles are so overrated”.

The backbencher has often been a staunch critic of the deal, however he’s said that if the DUP are willing to support it, he shall too, leading to questions about his credibility.

Although the MPs credibility really shouldn’t be questioned, especially since his 12 year old son, Peter was promoted to be his senior adviser and lookalike when sh*t hits the fan and Jacob needs a distraction for a quick getaway.

The U-turn shouldn’t shock too many, seeing as Jacob is prone to throwing the dummy out of the pram when he doesn’t get his way. During nightly feed time with Nanny, if he’s not the first up for milk he’s known to throw a strop and kick over his wooden train set.

During a podcast he said “I have always thought that ‘no deal’ is better than Ms May’s deal, but Ms May’s deal is better than not leaving at all”

But he didn’t stop there “Of course not leaving at all is much better than staying in with Mr Cameron’s deal all those years ago. And Mr Cameron’s deal was better than Ms Thatcher’s deal. Ms Thatcher’s deal was marginally better than the deal I got for a stately home I recently purchased, therefore we have to leave the European Union or I’ll have to continue to pay high taxes”.

Rees-Mogg has also said that removing Ms May, would harm their cause.

At this stage Theresa May is a shell of a politician , if she goes who will the ERG be able to blackmail now? She’s wheeled out to talk about ‘meaningful votes’, in private she’s a lifeless dummy. Why ruin a good thing and replace her with somebody who has passion and a backbone? With May they can continue to argue with her slumped on a chair in the corner, with a single tear falling down her face.

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