“I was driven to make the UK work not just for the privileged few” says Theresa May as she paves the way for second Etonian PM in three years

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In a Downing Street statement announcing her resignation Theresa May reiterated how she’s spent the last three years striving to make the UK a fairer society.

However,  she has now created a power vacuum that may well be filled by yet another privileged member of the Bullingdon Club.

Throughout her Premiership Theresa May has apparently done her very best to create an equitable, classless society while somehow managing to preserve the status quo of a wealthy elite and disenfranchised underclass.

Her strategy to create a better life for those living in poverty can kindly be described as ‘counter-intuitive.’”

Benefit cuts, administrative catastrophes that ensure those actually allowed benefits don’t receive them, cutting police numbers in an apparent attempt to prevent social mobility by increasing the murder rate in marginalised communities…

Thanks for trying Theresa, but aside from the privileged few, the UK is still pretty fucking broken.

Mrs May said she had “done her best” to implement Brexit.

And yet she steps aside after totally messing up Brexit, creating an insatiable appetite in the Tory party for their next leader to be a bona fide Brexiteer.

Someone like Boris Johnson.

Political analysts suggest that Johnson is indeed favourite to become the next Prime Minister.

God help all the female MPs whose bottoms would be red from the constant slapping.

That’s what progress looks like under the Conservatives.


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