Hundreds of thousands attend 2nd Referendum march. “Most of them were robots though” insists Nigel Farage

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Hundreds of thousands attend march demanding new Brexit referendum – Most of them were robots, claims Nigel Farage 2

Hundreds of thousands of protestors marched through central London on Saturday afternoon calling for a new referendum on Brexit.

However former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has dismissed the significance of the event, claiming the overwhelming majority of those attending were in fact robots created by the social elite in London and their evil allies in the EU.

“I’ve had a close look at the news coverage of the march and I’m pretty sure nearly everyone there was a robot,” Mr Farage said.

“Trust me I’m an expert on these things, not that we always need experts of course. It appeared to be pretty shoddy craftsmanship bodged together by Johnny Foreigner.

“It really is a sad turn of events when the Remoaners have to stoop to these tactics and lies. You would never get me resorting to such despicable behaviour.”

Crowds at the protest were told the initial count showed more than a million people had turned up – putting it on a par with the biggest march of the century, the Stop the War event in 2003.

However, Mr Farage stressed he was far from impressed.

“The Remainers have used electronic bots to get more than 4 million signatures for their online petition against Brexit and they’ve obviously decided to extend the use of high technology for this blasted march,” he insisted.

Mr Farage speculated that European Council president Donald Tusk was probably the mastermind who came up with the idea of using robots.

He explained: “About three weeks ago I saw Mr Tusk change the fuse on a computer plug, and he looked pretty damn handy to me.

“This is obviously a guy with complete mastery of AI and no qualms about using it for his own evil purposes, backed up by funding from London’s liberal elite because they’re afraid we’ll ban guacamole after Brexit…..which of course we will.”

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