Hong Kong’s anti-protest-protestors Millwall fans hired in by Chinese Govt. 

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Chinese Govt flew in Millwall fans to take on Hong Kong Protestors

On Sunday, dozens of masked men stormed a train station in Hong Kong, assaulting people returning home after a pro-democracy protest.

Coincidently, Millwall had just finished a friendly away match with Gillingham FC and their stand was empty – Where were they?

Wearing surgical masks and brandishing bats and metal rods, the thugs went to work on anything that moved – that wasn’t wearing a surgical mask. 

One victim said, ‘At first, I thought they were making a film, you know, like the Rise of the Footsoldier 7 but then I realised we weren’t West Ham fans.

The violence left 45 people injured. It shocked the territory as footage of the brutal attack quickly circulated online.

There are several Millwall affiliate gangs in Hong Kong. The most notorious being the ‘Rod Lidl price cutters’ and the ‘Danny Baker Fez blinders.’

The Chinese Government has denied any involvement with the attack.

A spokesman said, ‘the problem with the media, is that no one likes us.

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