Hollywood elite call out “loser” De Niro, as he’s only sued for Bullying, not Sexual Harassment like all the cool kids

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Hollywood elite call out loser De Niro, as he's only sued for Bullying, not Sexual Harassment

Robert De Niro is to be sued by a former assistant for 12 million dollars for bullying and discrimination.

The allegations are believed to have come about after Mr De Niro repeatedly asked his assistant, “you talkin’ to me?” And more and more threateningly each time. It cannot be confirmed if his assistant was talking to him but it is presumed that she was.

These accusations have come as a shock to the actor but also to his fellow peers.

Other members of the Hollywood elite feel that the ageing actor has been a little lacklustre in recent years. With others even suggesting this is a cry for help.

An insider told us, “While some big stars like Kevin Spacey are being accused of sexual assault, all Robert De Niro can muster up is a bit of bullying. I think I speak on behalf of most when I say that he shouldn’t have even bothered at all.”

Many A-list actors, directors and also Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein have been accused of sexual harassment in recent years.

An unnamed actor in his 60’s spoke on the matter, “You’ve got some big stars out there giving it their all, multiple allegations, new ones popping up all the time and Bob just can’t keep up. He’s not the powerful star that he used to be. Would the De Niro of the 80’s/90’s and Goodfellas fame be done for bullying? I don’t think so, frankly I think it’s just embarrassing.”

The latest Hollywood star to be accused of sexual harassment is James Franco.

A former agent from De Niro’s prime years weighed in, “I have new guys coming through that are willing to use their power in true Hollywood tradition and I think Bob should just let it go. Turn up for a couple RomCom cameos, take his paycheck and leave. It’s the natural progression.”

The lawyer of Robert De Niro has claimed the allegations are ‘beyond absurd.’

The lawyer also claims that Mr. De Niro is a very nice man and didn’t bully him into representing the actor.


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