Heidi Allen ep of Have I Got News For You pulled over impartiality rules. BBC runs a Farage ‘Live At The Apollo’ special instead.

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Heidi Allen ep of Have I Got News For You pulled over impartiality rules. BBC re-runs Farage's Live At The Apollo special instead

Friday night’s scheduled episode of Have I Got News For You featured Change UK’s acting leader MP Heidi Allen. It was pulled by the BBC, who said it was “inappropriate to feature political party leaders” in the run up to the European election.

Having freed up some comedy budget, the BBC was quick to book stand-up superstar Nigel Farage to headline Live at the Apollo.

Ofcom rules state that candidates in elections must not ‘act as news presenters, interviewers or presenters of any type of programme during the election period’.

The omission of ‘stand-up comedian’ from this list means young up-and-comer Farage (55) will be given an opportunity to showcase his unique brand of humour, which he describes as ‘edgy and nihilistic, and definitely not racist’.  

A BBC spokesperson said, “Nigel has shown his comedy chops through his regular gig on Question Time.

He’s honed his craft in front of small audiences of just a couple of million, so we wanted to finally give him an opportunity to be heard.”

Heidi Allen was a Conservative MP until she defected to The Independent Group in February. The group is now called Change UK, and Allen is their interim leader.

Nigel was a Conservative, but left them to found UKIP, left them, went back, left them again, went back again, but then left them to found The Brexit Party.

Farage hopes Live at the Apollo will gain him recognition for the cutting-edge satirical comedy he’s been peddling since the 90s.

Much like Dapper Laughs, Nigel claims he’s been tragically misunderstood by an audience lacking the basic intelligence required to realise the whole thing was a piss-take.

“The Brexit Party is my new sketch group. The angle is that we want to drive Britain off a big fucking cliff, and make loads of money in the process. Ridiculous, I know. But people love it.  

We’re hoping ‘No deal is better than a bad deal!’ will win Funniest Joke at Edinburgh.”


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