Heidi Allen challenges Farage to debate. BBC suggest drinking competition instead.

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Heidi Allen challenges Farage to debate. BBC suggest drinking competition instead

Heidi Allen, leader of the pro-remain Change UK party, has challenged Brexit party leader Nigel Farage to a live TV debate before the European elections.

But BBC bosses think the public would much rather see the pair in a drinking competition with the winner deciding the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

Allen, the former Conservative MP who joined the breakaway Independent Group, said she wanted to take on Farage so the British people could decide which new party’s vision they preferred.

BBC Director General Tony Hall, though, thinks the British public are bored of political debate. ‘Why on earth would they want to listen to reasoned debate?’ He asked. Adding, ‘If there’s one thing we learnt from the referendum it’s that Brits have had enough of considered opinion and want to see a man drinking beer, smoking fags, and engaging in a bit of light-hearted racism.’

Ms Allen’s challenge was made on Monday night in Change UK’s party election broadcast.

A Brexit party spokesman called the idea ‘ludicrous’ and said they’ll do ‘whatever it takes to prevent Big Nige having to defend his opinion against someone with a modicum of principle. But we’re well up for the drinking contest. And if they can add in a pie eating round then Brexit’s as good as delivered.’

The Brexit party has seen a surge in the polls this week.

In a speech in Wales the party leader said it was ‘bloody typical of those eastern Europeans to come over here and steal our leave campaign.’

During his latest BBC appearance on Sunday Mr Farage criticised the BBC calling Andrew Marr’s interview ‘ridiculous’.

The BBC have since apologised and offered Farage the chance to host the Eurovision Song Contest this Saturday, describing it as a ‘fantastic opportunity for him to explain what he specifically hates about each European nation.’

Plans have been made for Louis Theroux to host Farage Drinks Heidi Allen Under The Table live on BBC2 the day after the European elections, ‘just in case the snide little cow thinks she can use her time on air to spread her vile message of togetherness.’


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