HBO finally responds to petition – but refuses to rewrite the final season of Brexit

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HBO finally responds to petition - but refuses to rewrite the final season of Brexit

This week HBO bosses finally responded to a fan petition that demanded the network reshoot the entire final season of Game of Thrones.

They also weighed in on a similar fan campaign for them to redo Brexit with more ‘competent writing’. HBO president Casey Bloys said they understood fan concerns.

“This is obviously a huge part of peoples’ lives, and we understand the passionate and outspoken response from people invested in the world and characters of Brexit. But an entire redo of Brexit is something we are not considering in any way.”

Both Brexit and the Final season of Game Of Thrones have attracted controversy and divided opinions.

“It’s just ridiculous,” said John Niblib, founder of both petitions, “Take for example an utterly useless individual with no worth suddenly becoming the highest power in the land? And then in Game Of Thrones there’s that shit with Bran becoming king.”

Despite the backlash, Game Of Thrones garnered a record breaking 32 Emmy nominations last week.

“I’m so impressed and it’s a nice validation for the teams behind both Thrones and Brexit,” said Bloys.

Along with Game Of Thrones, Brexit garnered some nominations, including ‘Unstructured reality program’ and sound editing for the team who turn Boris Johnson’s slurred, and mutilated attempts at human speech into somewhat coherent sentences.

“We’re most proud of the nomination for Special Visual Effects, for the artists who made Theresa smile. You think Dragons are hard? They were nothing compared to the work to make May smile without looking like an Eldritch being from an unspeakable chasm of loathing.”

More than a million people signed the online petition to redo the final season of Game Of Thrones.

The petition to redo Brexit has also reached 16 million signatures, although sources believe tampering may be involved.
Niblib said fans were sick of characters doing things that made no sense, and contradicting themselves while making baffling decisions, such as watching a small blonde man continually fuck up without repercussions.

Another key point of contention was the rushed ending to Brexit, which fans feel didn’t tie up any loose ends or address any important details.
“You set up something like the NHS getting £350 million a week and then don’t pay it off? That’s just poor writing and cheap gimmicks to hook viewers,” said Niblib.

HBO are currently working on a prequel to Game Of Thrones, showing how a once great nation dissolved into utter chaos.


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