Harvey Weinstein down to just 50/50 as Judge rebukes his ‘Phone a Friend Lifeline’

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Harvey Weinstein down to just 50-50 as Judge rebukes his Phone a Friend Lifeline

The second day of Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial in Manhattan kicked off with sparks flying as the judge threatened to slap the movie mogul in jail for using his cellphone in court.

Cellphone being a most aptly and ironic named line of communication for Mr.Weinstein in the near future, Mr.Weinstein’s defence said he was just trying to ‘phone a friend’ in anticipation, to help answer any difficult questions that may come his way, but unfortunately Ghislaine was not picking up…well at least not on the phone.

Mr Weinstein was caught using two mobile phones on Tuesday, according to local media. He had already been admonished by Judge Burke at previous court appearances for using a handset.

The second phone was a direct line to an English friend for a character reference unfortunately he was incapacitated due to his weekly session in a sweat gland removal chamber.. although due to the jerks of his arm most people suspect Mr. Weinstein was in fact swiping right all the time..a somewhat tender or should it be tinder moment for Mr.Weinstein.

“What did I say would happen if he so much has a cellphone or electronic device since there have been repeated violations of this, including some on the record?” Judge Burke said.

After some discreet coughing in the courtroom Mr.Weinsteins lawyer finally said “I believe Remand is the right answer Your Honour”..To which Judge Burke replied..’final answer’.. you  can still go fifty-fifty although in this case I would not recommend asking the audience.

Lead prosecutor Joan Illuzzi urged Judge Burke to jail Mr Weinstein, who is out on $5m (£3.8m) bail. There is a grave risk that this defendant at some point will realise that the evidence against him is imposing and overwhelming” and he will try to escape, Ms Illuzzi said.

In the style and tradition of one of his Hollywood’s movies however this is one Inglorious Basterd who will not be making a Great Escape…Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da……..

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