Harry and Meghan to become TV royalty with launch of new Kardashian-style reality show

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Harry and Meghan to step back as senior royals due to a 'lack of scandal'

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex astounded the country when they announced their decision to step back from the Royal Family.

And now details of the couple’s plans to create a life of freedom with financial independence are being discussed.

The main proposal involves building up their global profile by launching a new television reality programme similar to the iconic ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’.

The action will focus on the personal and professional adventures of Harry and Meghan in their everyday lives, and has been tipped to make them TV royalty.

“I’m so thrilled about this opportunity,” gushed Harry. “I’ve always admired Kim Kardashian and literally want to be just like her.

“With this in mind one of the early episodes of our show will follow me as I get bum implants that are even bigger and better than Kim’s.”

Unusual characters are a key factor in attracting TV viewers and boosting ratings. With this in mind the Duke and Duchess have decided to monetise their embarrassing relatives by including them in the show. So fans can expect lots of air time devoted to the likes of ‘Creepy Uncle Andrew’ and ‘Racist Grandpa Phil’.

As well as their TV work the Sussexes have got plenty of other ways to earn valuable income. Harry revealed he was particularly excited about their lucrative line in tasteful memorabilia.

“My dad makes a shed-load of cash by selling his Duchy Originals tat at sky high prices, so why can’t I,” Harry said.

“Me and Megs had got a brilliant range of household stuff to flog, like toilet seat covers with William and Kate’s picture on it.

“And the last time I was Buckingham Palace I did a panty raid in granny’s room. I nicked quite a few of her bloomers, which should go for a tidy profit when I stick them on eBay.”


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