Greta Thunberg changes Twitter name to “FactCheckUK”

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Greta Thunberg sets sail before parents see her exam results

Greta Thunberg has changed her name on Twitter, in honour of a game show contestant who appeared to have no idea who she was.

While appearing on BBC’s Celebrity Mastermind, actor Amanda Henderson was asked to name the teenage climate activist, and in a fit of pique blurted out ‘FactCheckUK’. In a playful response, Greta Thunberg has changed her twitter handle to the very same.

During the 2019 General Election campaign, Tory Party Campaign Headquarters, changed their twitter handle from CCHQ, to “FactCheckUK” during the head-to-head debate between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

“I got all my General Election facts from ‘FactCheckUK'”, the BBC TV Star of Casualty (or Holby City….the author of this piece never watches it) stated, “So when that old codger, who thankfully has retired from ‘The Today Programme’ asked me for the name of the world’s leading climate change activist, I naturally blurted out the most informative source of environmental information I could think of.”

Social networking site Twitter said the Conservative Party misled the public when it rebranded one of its Twitter accounts.

“I won’t have a word of it”, the 33-year-old actor protested, “I was definitely not misled. I fully trust the Conservative Government to ‘Get Brexit Done’, fully fund the NHS, strike up trade deals around the world and generally make the working man more prosperous. I’ve felt this way since early 2018 when I was kicked in the head by a horse”

Ms Thunberg also changed her bio to reflect that she has turned 17 – as Friday was also her birthday.

And normally would have started driving lessons, but the supply of zero-carbon Nissan Leafs has not yet reached Scandinavia

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