Greggs to extend store hours in effort to tell more customers that they’ve ran out of rolls.

Greggs to extend store hours in effort to tell more customers that they've ran out of rolls

Bakery Chain Greggs has announced a new scheme to Greggs extended opening hours in a selection of its shops across the UK.

Chief Executives for the chain will launch a pilot to trial extended store openings, in order to to tell more potential customers that they ran out of rolls ‘hours ago’.

Some branches already stay open late, with one in Westminster closing at 23:00 and another in Newcastle opening until 20:30 or 21:00.

“What we noticed, was that these stores were having a great turnover when it came to telling people that the rolls had ran out,” said Chief Executive Gregg O’Greggson.

“Telling people that we’ve ran out of rolls is one of the most integral parts of the Greggs customer experience. We’re delighted to be able to reach more customers, and increase our output for wasting a customer’s time.”

The bakery chain’s recently reported a strong rise in sales, partly due to the popularity of its new vegan sausage roll.

“The Vegan sausage roll is incredibly popular, and we’re so thrilled that when anybody wants to order one, our staff have to inform they they ‘ran out, like, hours ago’ and maybe they’d like one of those weird pizza baguette things instead,” O’Greggson said.

Customers have said they were delighted with the decision:
“I only go into Greggs to be told that what I want was sold out hours ago, and they’re not making any more.”
“If I’m on a night out, or coming back from the pub, I can now pop into Greggs and be told they have literally nothing there that I actually want, that’s amazing.”
“I don’t even go into Greggs if I know I’ll actually get a roll.”

When asked if the store would use these hours to bake additional products, O’Greggson proceed to laugh for a solid three minutes.


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