Great British Bachelor Off: youngest ever line up as Paul Hollywood searches for new girlfriend

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Great British Bachelor Off- youngest ever line up as Paul Hollywood searches for new girlfriend

The Great British Bake Off has unveiled its youngest ever line-up, with half of their new contestants under the age of 30.

Having finalised his divorce Paul Hollywood can’t wait to meet a selection of young women who are already contractually obliged to listen to his opinions.

Hollywood recently split with 24 year-old girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam.

When asked what appealed to her about a man twice her age Summer said “Paul Hollywood is real a silver fox, in that he’s unusual, and unwelcome in my parents house.”

During their relationship, Paul accused Summer of “courting the paparazzi” and loving attention from the media.

Summer has accepted responsibility for these allegations, conceding that the “rescue me from Paul Hollywood” letters were technically intended to catch attention.

Summer broke up with the judge after he asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

She has since revealed that he asked for the non-disclosure agreement after he heard her complaining to her friends. Summer told News Dump that she needed to let off steam after an evening during which Paul assumed “fidget spinner” was a sex position.

Fellow judge Prue Leith has previously spoken out around age related issues, saying that older women are being overlooked on TV.

However the future looks bright for women classically overlooked by Paul, as he has not ruled out dating women up to the age of 35 (after he hits 80).

Paul Hollywood said young people now see baking as a “cool” hobby to have.

He added “I’m down with what’s cool, dog. Baking is hip, which means I’m a jazzy dude and it’s mega sweet for me to slide into your DMs. Wink face emoji.”


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