Government to hold fourth vote, on why we can’t have a second

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Government to hold fourth vote, on why we can't have a second

Theresa May will make the case for her new Brexit plan in Parliament later, amid signs that Conservative opposition to her leadership is hardening.

This will be the fourth time her plan will be put to the vote as the Prime Minister attempts to woo over Labour MPs and run for their leadership instead.

The prime minister will outline changes to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill – including a promise to give MPs a vote on holding another referendum.

Provided such a vote will be preceded by a number of “Indicative Votes” , the United Kingdom winning the Eurovision Song Contest in  2020, England winning the World Cup in 2022 and a total eclipse of the sun being visible from Westminster.

On the BBC Radio 4 news program ‘Today’ Environment Secretary Michael Gove stated it would be “Undemocratic” to hold a second referendum

“You can’t keep going back to the country until you get the result you want”, slimed Mr Gove, “Such privilege is the sole right of the Prime Minister. Who I support fully. I love Boris Johnson too.”

MP Nigel Evans will urge party bosses on the 1922 committee to change party rules to allow for an immediate vote of no-confidence in Mrs May, which last occurred in December 2018

“Look! We had a vote of no confidence in Mrs May only six months ago, but I think it’s high time we changed the rules so we can have another vote of no-confidence and (we too) get the result we want”, frothed Mr Evans.

Theresa May won the last no-confidence vote by 63% to 37%

“That result was hardly conclusive”, ranted Nigel Evans, “and times have moved on. We now have more facts and we are in a completely different place. Unlike the referendum of 2016”


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