Government rushes in plans to prevent eviction of tenants without good reason as Theresa May insists on staying in No 10

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Private landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants at short notice without good reason under new government plans…

…and Theresa May herself looks set to benefit from these plans as she continues to insist the current Brexit stalemate is not her fault.

The National Landlords Association said the move would create “chaos” and make many contracts “meaningless”.

This attempt to appeal to the Government not to pursue this policy reveals the shocking truth that the National Landlords Association are be oblivious as to what’s been happening with Brexit.

The change is intended to protect renters from “unethical” landlords and give them more long-term security.

The Government is hoping to make these rules part of European law which could be of benefit to the UK should we wish to remain in the EU come October.

Currently, the UK is set to leave the EU on 31st October 2019.

A date possibly chosen by Donald Tusk for Brexiteers without a plan as it a special date in hell.

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