Government ‘could impose Martial Law’ in the event of No-Deal Brexit. At this point 78% of Brits would support a Military Coup whatever the outcome.

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Government 'could impose Martial Law' in the event of No-Deal Brexit. 78% of Brits would support a Military Coup whatever the outcome

Government planners are examining the possibility of imposing Martial Law in Britain following the event of a no-deal Brexit.

And the idea has proved a big hit with voters. An opinion poll has found that people throughout the land would like the military to take charge of the country no matter what the outcome of discussions to leave the EU.

“For me it’s a no brainer,” said Dave Collins of Margate. “Faced with a choice between Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn or the Parachute Regiment at 10 Downing Street, the Paras would get my vote every time.”

If martial law is imposed it could see a number of punitive measures introduced affecting every day life – including the possibility of a travel ban.

“If that happened I doubt I’d notice any difference at all,” said Southern Rail season ticket holder Jenny Blythe of Brighton.

“At least Mussolini had the trains working on time. So I say military coup, bring it on.”

And the possibility of travel restrictions was even enthusiastically greeted by office stationery analyst Timothy Watkins of Manchester, who commented: “What a fantastic idea. With a bit of luck that would mean I wouldn’t have to go to my boring job every morning.”

A Whitehall source explained: “The over-riding theme in all no-deal planning is the danger of civil disobedience in the event of issues such as food shortages taking place.”

However the warning was labelled as “more project fear” by staunch Brexiteer Terry Gammon of Essex, who said: “There is no way the likes of the police will get involved in the event of a food shortage and I can prove it.

“Last year I phoned 999 to demand the coppers intervene when my local KFC ran out of fried chicken. They just told me not to be so stupid.”

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