Google to offer ‘auto delete history’ option. Pornhub expected to be major beneficiary.

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Google to offer 'auto delete history' option. Pornhub expected to be major beneficiary

Google has announced it plans to offer users the option to auto delete their search history.

And Pornhub looks to be the biggest beneficiary as their subscription uptake immediately saw an increase.

A spokesman for the online adult entertainment site said, ‘This is great news for us. We recently ran a poll of users who terminated their subscriptions and the overwhelming majority gave the reason ‘Because my other half found out.’

Second on the list was, ‘I don’t use it enough’ which the company have interpreted as ‘Because my other half found out.’

One respondent wrote, ‘I’m Pele.’

Google already allows users to manually delete the data it scoops up when they use its products such as YouTube, Maps and Search.

But some avid users have found that they can’t delete their history quick enough – particularly when they have numerous partners to hide their online porn from. One scruffy blonde-haired buffoon, who asked not to be named, said he’d been caught out ‘far too many times’ and is now considering having ‘I don’t use Pornhub, honest’ put on the side of a double decker bus to prove his innocence.

Google expect the new tools to be available ‘in the coming weeks.’

Many Pornhub subscribers have criticised Google saying they need to be more specific, as for them every week’s a coming week.

Following recent criticism Google say they want to give users ‘more control’ over personal data.

In a statement the company said ‘We believe it’s critical to have control. Over your personal data, your search history, and of course how much you pay in tax.’


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