Game of Thrones Season 8 an overhyped disappointment. “We know how you feel!” say Leavers, Remainers, and anyone who’s ever met Boris Johnson.

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Game of Thrones Season 8 an overhyped disappointment. We know how you feel! say Leavers, Remainers, and anyone who's ever met Boris Johnson

Game of Thrones series eight has turned out to be an overhyped disappointment – much like Brexit and Boris Johnson.

A petition calling on HBO to redo the series has been signed by more than 500,000 disgruntled fans.

In a statement HBO told petitioners to ‘stop moaning’ and said, ‘you can’t redo something just because you don’t like the result.’

The petition, started by, says the show’s writers ‘have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent’.

Like Brexit negotiators and Boris Johnson.

It argues that ‘incompetence of the highest level’ has no place in a job which affects the lives of so many people.

The statement comes as Theresa May looks set to announce her resignation.

Downing Street are yet to confirm whether the two are linked.

One signatory wrote ‘they demolished everything that was built, through poor development, and overall lack of care.’

The Tories denied this allegation and blamed ‘the former Labour government’.

The petition says the final series ‘should make sense’.

like Brexit and Boris Johnson – but experts have described all three as ‘far beyond any possibility of making sense.’

Given the reported cost of each episode – £11.7m – HBO is unlikely to cave in to the petition’s demands. Despite the criticism of the series 18.4 million viewers are still regularly tuning in.

HBO said, ‘It’s incredible to think that despite something being so utterly shit, ill conceived, and based entirely on fantasy, people will still buy into it – it’s like Brexit and Boris Johnson.’


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