Funeral held for Angry Bob the amorous Swan. Queen refuses to attend, sparking rumours of a rift.

The Royals
Queen Vs Swan

A grumpy swan named ‘Angry Bob’ has had a memorial service held in his honour after an online campaign.

Despite a healthy attendance of 20, there was a notable no-show from Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen is said to own all the swans in England but it is clear by her absence that her and Bob never saw eye to eye.

According to the BBC,  Bob was a ‘grumpy swan’ who ‘spurned multiple potential love interests’

And rumour has it, her majesty counts herself among them.

‘Angry Bob’ made national headlines in 2010 when he was accused of killing his first mate and driving two more away.

The Royal Family have denied the love triangle theory, but refused to comment on The Queen’s ghosting of the event.

Sources close to the royals believe she saw Bob and his legion of loyal duck followers as a direct threat, because of Bob’s anti-monarchy, pro-abolition views.

Hestercombe House insist the swan died from natural causes

Although speculation has begun to mount regarding whether this was a state-sanctioned swan murder.

Many people paid tribute to angry Bob including Philip White who said: “He could be difficult and cantankerous but you had to love him because he was so independent.”

It’s no wonder they were once romantically linked, considering they clearly had so much in common.

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