Bus companies to suffer because of May’s NHS-funding fuel hikes. “Good!” – says anyone who remembers how we got into the mess in the first place…

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Last week, Theresa May announced £26bn of extra funding for the NHS – but a refusal to confirm exactly where the money was coming from left many wondering whether she planned to ask her own magic money tree for help.

Last night, we finally heard the first hint on where at least some of the cash is likely to be found. In the bottom of our beer, and in the price of our petrol.

Ending an 8 year freeze on fuel duty would raise almost £800m year, while  lifting the freeze on alcohol duty that was only introduced last year would raise an extra £200m a year.

And that’s just on the drinks sold in the House of Commons.

Backbench MPs have condemned the plans as “wrong-headed”.

Because if Brits can no longer afford to drink OR drive, they might well stay at home, watch the news, and start paying attention to the dire situation this country’s in.

And that’s no good for anyone – least of all the government.

One of the most vocal campaigners is former minister Robert Halfon – who last year made the point that a rise in fuel duty “doesn’t just push up the costs for drivers, but for small business [and] buses” too.

You’ve got to feel sorry for buses. One of them got in with the wrong crowd. He made one wrong move, and told a little white lie – and now the rest of the buses are going to go out of business because Brexit’s made us all so poor we’re having to walk to work.

Well – that’ll teach you to play fast and loose with the truth, Brexit Battle Bus. Let that be a lesson to you.

Walking to work should at least help us all lose a bit of weight. And that’ll save the NHS some money.

Adam Hunt

Written By: Adam Hunt

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