‘Fuck the planet’ say Coca Cola

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'Fuck the planet' say Coca Cola

Coca Cola will not ditch single use plastics.

The firm’s head of sustainability, Bea Perez said, ‘Fuck the planet.’

She said customers like plastic bottles because they are lightweight and resealable.

Perez acknowledged that polar ice caps melting and bush fires in Australia are ‘inconvenient’ but said she couldn’t see how they are ‘worse than having a bottle without a screw top lid.’

In 2019 Coke was found to be the most polluting brand on the planet.

Although they dispute the allegation and suggested pollution comparisons between themselves and Pepsi should be made blindfold like a ‘proper Coke challenge.’

Coke produces three million tonnes of plastic a year.

Which Perez argued will be ‘invaluable’ when the whole world is under water and it can be used to build a raft to rival Noah’s ark.

Ms Perez said the company cannot ditch plastic entirely as it might hit sales.

But campaigners said she’s wrong as ‘ditching the sugar and making it taste crap’ didn’t seem to adversely affect their profit margins.

Ms Perez went on to say she respects the youth activists who convinced Bali to ditch single use plastics,

as she holidays on the island and doesn’t want her tropical paradise ruined.

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