Forty-somethings set to party like it’s 1999 (only with less beer and more toilet breaks)

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Fortysomethings to party like it's 1999 (only with less beer and more toilet breaks)

As the decade draws to a close, millions of fortysomethings are planning to party like it’s 1999 – only with less beer and more toilet breaks.

And very little optimism.

Back when they were in their 20’s, despite fears about the Millennium Bug, Britain was full of optimism and hope for the future.

We couldn’t have imagined that a bombastic racist would ever be elected Prime Minister. Although there were already rumblings that America might choose a loose cannon with the IQ of a carrot as their president.

And amid all the positivity of Britpop, Euro 96 and a fresh faced, popular and as yet untainted Tony Blair, not a soul on this island knew anything about the inner workings of the EU. Of course, nobody on this island knows anything about the inner workings of the EU nowadays – but boy do they have a passionately held opinion on it.

And now, twenty years after they welcomed in a whole new decade full of promise and confidence, the generation that were promised so much but given Brexit, Boris and an early morning dose of Piers Morgan, are rolling back the years with just a few changes; the amber nectar has been replaced by a craft beer, Bacardi Breezers are out in favour of Prosecco and instead of necking a Tequila at midnight, they’ll be snoring on the sofa and dribbling over the ‘hilarious’ jumper they wouldn’t have been seen dead in when they were partying and it really was 1999.

But as always, New Years’ Eve will bring resolutions and promises that people will change their lives for the better.

At least until they wake up to a headache, an email thanking them for signing up to a monthly gym donation, and the realisation that they’re too late for a McDonalds breakfast. Then it’ll be back to work to pay for the Christmas they’ve just had before once more failing to save for the next Christmas because the car fails its MOT, the price of everything goes up and, for all their good intentions, the promise to drink less and buy fewer takeaways turns out to be just another whopping lie they’ve told themselves.

But mark their words – 2021 will be amazing!!

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