Football racism ‘unacceptable’, says ‘Go Home Van’ mastermind whose Brexit is now tearing the nation apart.

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Football racism 'unacceptable', says 'Go Home Van' mastermind whose Brexit is now tearing the nation apart

Prime Minister Theresa May urged UEFA to take strong action against Montenegro after England players faced what she described as ‘unacceptable’ and racist behaviour towards them,

conveniently forgetting that she now supports the Brexit thrust upon the nation by loveable racist and all-round bellend Nigel Farage, and his anti-immigration propaganda.

Mrs May made the statement via a spokesman

as she was busy trying to persuade hard line brexiters to vote for her deal, and didn’t want Jacob Rees-Mogg to catch her defending a ‘coloured chap.’

Former England winger John Barnes spoke out saying ‘Let’s look at what’s going on in society and try to tackle it.’

Unfortunately, what’s happening in society is the rise of the far right and an attempt to legitimise the likes of Tommy Robinson as journalists or political figures. Robinson was reported to be ‘sick as a parrot’ that England’s wins this week featured outstanding performances by black players. Although sources close to the UKIP advisor confirmed that ‘it won’t stop him shouting a bit of racist abuse against opposition players cos, you know, it’s ok if they’re on the other team innit.’

In her time as Home Secretary Mrs May famously sent out her ‘Go home’ vans which came in for heavy criticism, and that she later described as ‘not a success’.

And ‘not a success’ has been the hallmark of her career since.

UEFA has charged Montenegro with racist behaviour following the abuse,

with UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin asking what Farage and Robinson must do in order to face similar charges.

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