Female-led Superhero movie sparks entirely understandable backlash. “No girls allowed”, say well-adjusted, adult men…

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Female-led Superhero movie sparks entirely understandable backlash. No girls allowed, say well-adjusted, adult men

Actress Brie Larson is the latest to come under fire thanks to a systemic internet backlash, this time surrounding Marvel’s latest superhero blockbuster, ‘Captain Marvel’.

The titular Captain Marvel, a confirmed SJW (Space Justice Warrior) seeks to threaten the genre’s status quo, by boldly starring in a film. This radical decision by the infamously ever-political Disney company has agenda-driven fanboys enraged the world over, and it is a choice that is making waves in the online community.

The upcoming movie continues Marvel’s winning formula of scraping the bottom of the comic back-catalogue in the search for new pop-culture icons. The latest of which is Larson’s ‘Ms. Marvel’, who will soar onto our screens later this month, at the behest of many an angry internet forum.

“Is there a….Mr. Marvel?” asked Twitter user ‘Marvel_MRA1989’, before having his mentions filled with angry trivia-correcting nerds.

Following a stray comment on the red carpet about wanting to help “less-represented groups get in on the action”, the internet’s finest have decided to assume that actress Brie Larson now hates white men.

The conspiracy-confirming comment comes as great relief to the film’s detractors, who have been trying to find a female scapegoat to target for a while. “Conveniently, there’s always a mastermind female behind other people enjoying the things I like. It was just tough finding one in the Marvel films, as it’s basically a sausage fest”, said one ‘Pro-Anti-Feminazi’ Youtuber.

There are now fears surrounding Marvel’s call to remove white men from their films completely in the fifty-five films currently in production. Set pictures have also revealed many new controversial redesigns for the Avengers, such as ‘The Ethical Hulk’, ‘Does-the-Ironing-Man’ and Spider-man’s bold new female persona, ‘Woman-man’.

‘Captain Marvel’ is Marvel’s 21st release, and the first to star a female lead. This is clearly bold ground for Marvel Studios, who have previously starred aliens, raccoons and a talking tree. Whilst that was indeed, a massive step for the raccoon community, it seems Marvel have now gone one step too far, as a female-led superhero film simply seems unrealistic.

This controversy follows a number of heated hate-campaigns formed around unoffensive mass appeal blockbusters in recent years, in what is being described as a ‘culture war’.

Some are still recovering from the fallout of ‘Black Panther’, the great Ghostbusters culture war ’16 and most notably the tragic conflict following the latest ‘Star Wars’ film, a movie with four (four!) female characters in it.

The film website ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ is one such website caught in the collateral damage, and has recently taken precautions to prevent such hate-group hit-jobs on upcoming films. The site is notable for giving a platform for aggregate ‘audience’ ratings, leading many a keyboard warrior to discover activism and ‘review-bomb’ the reception of a film.

“Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general readership,” reads the website’s blog.

With the incredibly important and easily abused feature removed, many find themselves questioning if they should actually consider watching the film before leaving a review. Others are less disenfranchised, seeing it as a chance to take the fight to their bedrooms. After all, it worked for last year’s ‘Black Panther’, (which was recently Oscar-nominated for Best Picture.)

In unrelated news, a local baby has been successfully taught how to share his toys with others.

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