“Like Uniqlo, I have love for life, culture and humanity”. And money, Roger. You both bloody love money too.

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At Wimbledon today, Roger Federer unveiled his new Uniqlo kit – part of a record-breaking £230m sponsorship deal.

In a statement, Federer said “Like Uniqlo, I have love for life, culture and humanity”.

And money. You both really love money too.

Interesting that he draws such close comparisons to their love of humanity. According to The Times, human rights activists recently accused Uniqlo’s owner Fast Retailing of allowing harsh conditions in the factories run by it’s contractors.

It’s like Jeremy Hunt claiming to love the staff of the NHS, while allowing them to suffer exhausting conditions that put lives at risk. Oh hang on…

The deal marks the end of 20 years of Nike sponsorship. Nike’s share price dropped by 1.7 per cent in reaction to Federer’s announcement. My back of a napkin calculations say that’s almost a billion dollars worth of value wiped out.

There hasn’t been a more expensive announcement since the day Boris finally came out on the side of Vote Leave in the Referendum campaign.

Although Federer revealed today that technically, Nike still own his name – as they’ve trademarked the RF logo that appears on all of his Nike branded sportswear.

Industry insiders speculate they could use the RF logo to launch a premium brand of analogue TV aerials…

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