Farage walks away from car crash. Returns later using a different name (but the same old lies).

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Farage walks away from car crash. Returns later using a different name (but the same old lies)

Nigel Farage has been criticised after walking away from a car crash.

Although the loveable fascist did return later – using a different name but coming out with the usual lies.

Pub landlord Patrick Tranter, 38, said both he and his 13 month old son were shaken and had to go to hospital after the incident.

But Farage assured his supporters there were no injuries by writing ‘They’re both fine’ on the side of a bus.

Patrick has since been diagnosed with neck and shoulder injuries.

The dad of one slammed Farage saying, ‘He didn’t even stop to check we were ok.’

Farage apologised and said he would have stopped if he’d known they were white.

Photographs from the scene showed the landlord’s car badly damaged and unable to move.

Which is a typical result of anything Farage touches.

Patrick has now told Farage that he’s no longer welcome at his pub.

Farage has said he’ll contest the ban, as you ‘can’t turn people away just because you don’t like them.’

The Brexit Party leader is believed to have been on his way to Northampton where he was due to appear on Question Time.

A BBC spokesman said, ‘We were devastated when the call came through. We had someone polishing Mr Farage’s favourite chair, a bottle of Bollinger on ice, and a couple of high-class prostitutes waiting for him in his personal dressing room. It would have been a terribe waste of licence payer’s money if he didn’t make it.’

In 2010 Farage walked away from a plane crash during a UKIP election campaign.

And Brits are now clinging the old adage ‘Third time lucky.’


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