Fans set upon owner’s home, in Man Utd’s first (and only) attack of the season

Fans set upon owner's home, in Man Utd's first (and only) attack of the season

The Cheshire home of Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has been attacked by a group of fans,

in what Gary Neville described as the club’s first attack this season.

A video posted online showed red flares being launched at Woodward’s house.

Woodward commented on the video asking those responsible to ‘get in touch’ before the transfer window closes as some of them seem to have ‘a better aim than Paul Pogba.’

Fans in the video had their faces covered.

To avoid being identified as Man Utd fans.

Manchester United said anyone found to be involved in committing a criminal offence will be banned for life.

Greater Manchester Police released a further statement saying they want to speak to Mr Woodward in connection with ‘the killing of a football club.’

The club statement said there is ‘simply no excuse for this.’

In response the fans issued a statement saying ‘Ditto.’

Woodward has been the subject of growing supporter discontent at United in recent weeks.

One lifelong Man Utd fan from Edgware, North London said Woodward is the sole reason the club can’t win games as he ‘hasn’t scored all season’.


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