“Fake News” says a furious Trump. “I’m the world’s biggest B!”

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Fake News says a furious Trump. I’m the world’s biggest B

This week, the world’s biggest bee – long thought extinct – was ‘rediscovered’ by Scientists.

US President Donald Trump has called scientist’s claims that they have discovered the world’s biggest bee as ‘fake news’ – stating that he is definitely the biggest B in the world and that he can prove it.

Speaking outside of the Whitehouse today, the President stated that he was ‘sick of the lies’.

“I have been in office for more than two years now and I have proved myself to be the biggest B in the world over and over again.”

“Not just the biggest, but the nastiest, most ignorant, complete B that you are ever likely to find and to say that some other B is claiming this honour is insulting.”

Despite some scorn being poured onto his comments from the media, many world leaders have backed the President’s claims, with Russian supremo Vladimir Putin confirming the Trump is the stupidest B that he’s ever met, whilst North Korean leader Kim Yong-un claimed he’d never met a more gullible B.

UK PM Theresa May has taken time away from not sorting out Brexit, to say that Trump is a two-faced B that she wouldn’t trust to wipe his own bottom, whilst EU leaders unexpectedly agreed with her for the first time in months.

On hearing the news, it has been reported that the scientists have already left Indonesia and are on their way to Washington with seven foot tall glass, a lubricated probe and an enormous jar of honey.

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