Extinction Rebellion open their arms to Tory MEPs – who polls suggest are on the brink of extinction themselves.

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Extinction Rebellion open their arms to Tory MEPs - who exit polls suggest are on the brink of extinction themselves

A YouGov survey on voting for the European Elections released in the Times on Monday showed the Brexit Party in the lead on 34%, Labour second with 16% and the Conservatives in fourth on just 10%.

By Wednesday, polling predicted the Conservative’s share of the vote could plummet to 2%.

The equivalent of the species being down to its last breeding pair.

Last minute efforts were made by the Party to avert disaster.

With the Conservative Party now being so incomprehensibly bewilderf**ked, NOT binning Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday evening was seen as positive publicity stunt.

Longtime supporter of the Tories, middle-age boy band heartthrob Gary Barlow, was asked to give a short video-statement of support, but responded: “Sorry guys, I’m washing my hair”.

Dark days.

In desperation, Tory HQ contacted the people that had spent ten days assisting self-defeating government departments in stifling commercial activity in the capital, ecological protest group, Extinction Rebellion…

Their website says: Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to achieve radical change in order to minimise the risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.

Even the extinction of Conservative MEPs?

In the past few days beleaguered Tory candidates have chiseled on a smile to jolly the public into voting for a horse so dead flogging it only hastens decomposition.

But, like an American dentist with a gap above his fireplace, the British public have their voting crosshairs set on the blue chested peacock of politics.

Polling Stations opened at 7am.

Will Extinction Rebellion mobilise and vote en masse to save an endangered species?

Exit polls suggests not.

Thoughts and prayers.


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