Experts warn against too much screen time. Just look what Farage’s appearances on Question Time did for the country…

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Experts warn against too much screen time. Just look what Farage's appearances on Question Time did for the country

Experts have warned that too much screen time could be detrimental to future generations.

And the facts are hard to argue with. Between 2010 and 2016 David Dimbleby was the only person with more appearances on Question Time than Nigel Farage.

The then UKIP leader used his time on screen during the referendum campaign to claim the EU ‘costs us £55m per day (and) wrote 70% of our laws.’ Both claims have been proven to be incorrect.

But he did get a lovely ego massage out of it. Dave from Bridgend, an ardent UKIP supporter, said Mr Farage was ‘a man of the people.’ Although had Farage had his way, he would now be a ‘Mann des menschen.’

A BBC insider said that, after lambasting foreigners Farage would often remain in his seat until the studio was cleared as he had a hard-on. But he was never in discomfort for long as he’s a massive wanker.

A study in 2017 found that there is more to be concerned about than just the number of hours spent in front of the screen. There are increasing worries over how easily malign ideas can find their way in front of impressionable faces.

Researchers said the study had shown it would be easy for any bumbling blonde moron to endear themselves to the British public simply by acting the buffoon on a satirical news show. ‘The problem is, once they’re popular they can come out with all sorts of shit and everyone will just believe them.’

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