EU refuse to be ‘dictated to by the UK’ over Brexit deadline

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Govt announces extra £2.1bn funding for No-deal Brexit, just on the off chance it's a total fucking disaster

The EU ‘will not be rushed’ on a trade deal with the UK after Brexit.

The news comes as the EU’s most prominent racist scumbag, Nigelio Faragio, said, ‘If the UK want to give up their influence over EU policy then we should make it as difficult as possible for them to leave.’

Boris Johnson says a deal can be agreed by the end of 2020.

Faragio agrees but said, ‘This isn’t about finding the best solution for the people of Europe or of Britain. This is about validating hate and being a bunch of absolute bastards just because we can.’

After the UK leaves the EU on 31st January, it will enter an 11-month transition period where it will largely follow EU rules but will not have any representation in the bloc’s institutions.

And Faragio said he intends to make that arrangement last as long as possible as he’s had enough of the UK ‘coming over here having a say in how things are run and contributing to a successful union.’ Faragio, a millionaire twat interested only in lining his own pocket, has been a long term critic of the relationship between the UK and the EU which he says ‘does nothing’ for his bank balance but does serve as a ‘great way’ of generating interest in his Youtube channel and getting his face on TV.

Irish MP, Simon Coveney said Mr Johnson has ‘set a very ambitious timetable’.

But Faragio said the EU ‘will not be dictated to by the UK’ and claimed he has an army of ill-informed and ill-educated followers prepared to ‘screw themselves over’ for the benefit of being able to say ‘we won’ even though the exact nature of the victory is unclear to anyone.

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