Equine Flu spreads through the horse world. Lady Gaga has to think fast to change planned Oscars outfit.

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Equine Flu spreads through the horse world. Lady Gaga has to think fast to change planned Oscars outfit

With two weeks to go until the 91st Academy Awards preparations are at an advanced stage.

One nominee and performer, Lady Gaga, has been left reeling by the news there may be a last minute change of wardrobe needed after a possible cancellation of the pop star’s Oscars attire.

All horse racing across the UK has been cancelled until next Wednesday “at the earliest”.

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) made the call on Thursday afternoon after halting racing when three vaccinated horses in an active racing yard tested positive for equine flu on Wednesday.

The popular singer and actress was said to be “devastated“ by the news.

“I’m wearing a horse piggy-back, which sounds a little kooky. It’s to reflect the movie; stars are born every day, they don’t have to be human. My star will be the winner of the 4:30 at Doncaster.”

“I did try a pig but it’s little legs wouldn’t reach around and cover my modesty.”

“I wore the meat dress at the twenty ten MTV Video Music Awards, that was super fun. But this is twenty nineteen and I’m a little bit older and little bit wiser, if I’m wearing meat I want it to have a pulse, a personality and a profile.”

“It will be a filly, of course, just to be on the safe side.”

A spokesperson for the BHA added: “The full extent of potential exposure is unknown and we are working quickly to understand as much as we can to assist our decision making.”

“While we understand Lady Gaga is in a predicament concerning her outfit for the Oscars, we at the BHA cannot allow race meetings, or trial fittings, to proceed until we’re satisfied there is no risk of a further outbreak, either here or in Los Angeles.”


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