England favourites to win SheBelieves Cup. Marginalised male footballers lobby for HeBelieves cup – to get their sport the recognition it deserves.

England favourites to in SheBelieves Cup. Marginalised male footballers lobby for HeBelieves cup to finally get their sport the recognition it deserves

Following the Lioness’ success in winning the Shebelieves cup, some football fans are worried that too much focus will be taken away from the male game.

Petitions have been issued for there to be a male equivalent of the four-team tournament from disgruntled fans.

Many of these fans couldn’t name the England women’s starting eleven – which they insist is definitely be a reflection on the team and not them.

Having drawn with World Champions USA and thrashed former runners-up Japan on their way to victory, England’s women are among the favourites for the World Cup in France in June.

For some, this is meaningless. Having never won the world cup, unlike their male counterparts, some fans don’t think they really count as an international side worthy of television coverage. ‘You wouldn’t dedicate time to Vanuatu or Slovakia would you? What are we supposed to chant at their matches? Two world wars and no world cups?’

England have competed in all four Shebelieves tournaments but this is their first victory. The USA remain the most successful team in the competition’s history

There are also calls for the creation of a National Men’s Day which could serve as the opening day of the tournament.

Another option would be to use the existing National Men’s Day which takes place on the 19th November.

Or to use any of the other 364 days in the year. Because. Y’know.

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