Dyson’s Singapore move kickstarts a business ‘Brexodus’. The Bank of England, English Heritage and the Milton Keynes office for Tourism set to follow suit.

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Dyson announced this week it would be shifting its headquarters to Singapore. While insisting it had ‘nothing to do with Brexit’, a number of other big business have followed suit – and will soon be saying Sayonara to Great Britain.

The most shocking of all being the Bank of England – which is eyeing a move to Paris.

Governor Mark Carney explained the move was due to the economic uncertainty of Brexit, and its impact on interest rates.

“If only there was some way of controlling these things…” he added.

Technology giant Sony has revealed plans to move its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands.

English Heritage will soon be relocating all of its 2,700 staff to the Spanish party town of Malaga (“Getting drunk and being rude to foreigners is much more in line with English values than pretending to give a toss about history anyway” said a spokesman).

While the Milton Keynes Office for Tourism has already packed its bags, and will be heading to Los Angeles. Because having no customers in the sun beats having no customers in Milton Keynes.

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