Drivers lose a week to jams per year. At end of that week, temporary traffic lights finally change.

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Drivers lose a week to jams per year. At end of that week, temporary traffic lights finally change

Motorists on the UK’s most congested road spend an average of two and a half days a year sitting in traffic.

One driver said they didn’t think that was altogether that bad, as they’d spent at least five days waiting for one set of temporary traffic lights to change.

Traffic data firm Inrix said drivers lost the equivalent of a week each to traffic jams in 2018.

However, by the end of that week, they finally manage to pass the cyclist and flick him the finger.

Voters remain hopeful that Chris Grayling is stuck for at least that long, so that his ridiculous policies can be rejected without his pesky intervention.

Taxi drivers try to avoid the worst offender – London’s A406 North Circular Road around Hanger Lane – at all costs.

Always the same, isn’t it? You promise yourself you’ll sort out the hangers, but you still find yourself there three hours later.

The Department for Transport said it was investing in public transport to ease congestion.

That investment was thought to be raised by drivers paying Stamp Duty, but that won’t work as you have to actually move in order to pay the tax.

On average, road users lost 178 hours each to congestion in 2018 in total across all roads.

Which means, if they weren’t commuting, people would actually have had time to watch ‘Game of Thrones’, after all.

I haven’t lost that many hours in one go since I travelled to Amsterdam as a student.

The estimated value of the lost time to be approximately £7.9bn or £1,317 per driver.

Or, if you prefer, about a quarter of a Brexit.

Don’t worry, Brexiteers. It’s probably caused by all those immigrants going to work in that job they’re stealing from you.

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