Designer babies given go-ahead. Top non-parent request: invisible kids, to stop your smug oversharing.

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‘No Moral Bar’ to creating designer babies, Britain’s most respected medical ethics body has claimed.

The Nuffield council on Bioethics suggests there shouldn’t be a ‘moral bar’ to genetically modified children, so long as certain criteria were followed. While research is currently focused on curing disease, the report also says we shouldn’t necessarily restrict future DNA editing to this – and should be open to the idea of enhancing humans too.

Well if we’re going to play God can we start by changing the DNA of vegans so they’re not genetically inclined to mention it every five fucking minutes.

Is it also possible to make a child that doesn’t show up in photos? Then maybe our friends won’t show us two and a half thousand of the bastards.

Genetically modified kids might also be better prepared to defend us all against the horror that’s coming next: SHARK ATTACK!!


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Written By: Adam Hunt

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