Described as ‘ugly, unrealistic and offensive’ – the government decided to invite Trump anyway

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While the cabinet are in the country, back in London mayor Sadiq Khan has signed off on plans for protestors to fly a six-metre high ‘Baby Donald Trump’ over London during the American president’s visit next week.

Described by many as ‘ugly’ and ‘a waste of time and money’ the government decided to invite Trump any way.

While Trump will be welcomed to London by a 50,000 strong protest, there’s one place in the UK he won’t be able to visit at all – Sheffield – after the city’s 29 year old Lord Mayor banned him.

The rumours that this is likely to be part of a wider ‘Bell-end Ban’ that would cover stars including Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins and Simply Red star Mick Hucknall have yet to be denied.

In his tweet, Sheffield’s Magid Magid also called Trump ‘A Wasteman’.

Bloody autocorrect, that’s what I always get when I try to call someone a wasteman. Not wasteman, wasteman. Duck you autocorrect.

Adam Hunt

Written By: Adam Hunt

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