Delivery driver accused of stealing £73 cakes from Bakery. Bakery accused of stealing £72 per cake from customers. 

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Delivery driver accused of stealing £73 cakes from Bakery. Bakery accused of stealing £72 per cake from customers

A New York delivery driver has been accused of stealing over $90,000 worth of cake.

The delivery driver originally claimed he was unaware of the value of the delicacies, saying, “How was I supposed to know they were the Picasso of pastries.”

He quickly backtracked after it was pointed out he worked for the actual company selling the goods. Flustered and on a cake high with icing sugar covering his lower face, he admitted taking some of the pastries just so he could afford his expensive cake habit.

The bakery – Lady M Confections, is known for its expensive luxury Mille crepes which have been endorsed by celebrities. The driver is believed to have sold the popular items on the black market at a lower price.

The driver said he didn’t have much of a choice. He was introduced to the delightful dessert after being offered a bite at a work party. The cake in question had been sat in the window of the bakery for decoration. Although it wasn’t as fresh as it could’ve been, apparently it’s cream to sponge ratio was perfect according to co-workers.

The driver has claimed that they cost far too much. He states that the bakery isn’t just stealing people’s money but is ruining lives also. It appears that the man believes he was doing the right thing, like a modern day Robin Hood, specifically for cakes.

The cakes sell for $90 each, the equivalent of £73.

Others have tended to agree with the driver and many suggest that the bakery is the one who should be accused of theft.

A cake lover whose preferred tipple is the classic fruit cake once bought a banoffee pie from the bakery. She told us, “I got caught up in the queue by accident while gazing at all the cakes. By the time I’d noticed it was too late and I had spent about £72 more than I had planned.”

Another person who ordered online, thought the price was £7.30 rather than £73. He said he felt violated by the bakery.

A wealthy man from the Upper East Side of Manhattan who frequents the shop thought it was a reasonable price, but we found out this is a man who believes a pint of milk costs $39.

The bakery is yet to respond to the cake allegations. Who would’ve thought something so sweet could leave such a bad taste in one’s mouth.


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