Dawkins Pretends To Believe Jesus Was Real, In A Desperate Attempt To Knock Bible Off Top-Spot’

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Dawkins Pretends To Believe Jesus Was Real, In A Desperate Attempt To Knock Bible Off Top-Spot'

Renowned atheist Richard Dawkins has made a shocking claim over the Bible, stating in his new book that Jesus Christ may actually have existed after all.

Atheists, known for their cunning and devilish ways, have no qualms when it comes to lying to get what they want. Mr Dawkins, the self-proclaimed leader of Atheists is no different. Now the renowned non-believer has committed one of the seven deadly sins he doesn’t really believe in and lied through his teeth to publicise his new book, ‘I Was Wrong, Honest!’.

In the book, Mr Dawkins admits Jesus Christ may have been real but he has a very different opinion on what is told in the Bible.

With Dawkins previously conceding that the Bible is the most financially lucrative book ever written, he has evidently adopted an ‘If you can’t beat em, join em’ approach.

It’s not until Chapter 15: ‘Only Joking! Got You There Didn’t I’ that we see he’s reeled them in. Once trusting Christians, for whom forgiveness is in their nature, have bought the book, they realise he’s just taking the piss.

In the Bible, the miracles of Jesus are supernatural deeds that include faith healing, exorcism, and control over nature.

There was probably in all likelihood a bloke down the local stable who rode about on his donkey with fanciful ideas” Dawkin explained. “The only reason people believed him was because they were all mullered on Mead.”

Mr Dawkins goes on to suggest that all of the stories in the Bible may have originated from the words of Jesus.

Think of it like a game of Chinese Whispers” Dawkins offers. “This bloke with long hair and a penchant for dad-sandals rocks up, tells his mate about a woman in the next village who he cured of E-Coli by sending her off for a proper good shower, and before you know it, ten drunk lads are hailing him as a miracle-worker.”

It’s all about telling people what they want to hear to get noticed.”

For such an outspoken atheist, Mr Dawkins certainly has a major God Complex.


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