Dallas flight has turn back after human heart found onboard. Country and Western music’s love of lazy metaphors definitely to blame.

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Passenger flight turns around after Country and Western video shoot leaves human heart onboard

A Southwest Airlines flight en route to Dallas had to return to Seattle – after cabin crew discovered a real-life human heart onboard.

The human organ had been used as a prop by Country and Western artists ‘The Rootin’ Tootin’s’ – who had been using the plane earlier that day to shoot the music video for their latest smash hit  ‘You Said Our Love was First Class, So Why’s My Heart Always Riding In Coach”.

Lead singer, Darnella Dimple explains: “We borrowed an actual heart to use as a metaphor for a real heart, we just forgot to take it back. Oh, and our drummer forgot his sticks too.”

A doctor onboard the flight commented that the incident was a “horrific story of gross negligence”.

Lead singer Darnella Dimple, responded: “I agree. During a transplant, a human heart can survive for between four and six hours and make a full recovery, but the hurt caused by neglect and cheatin’, that never heals.”

An airline spokesperson: “Once the organ was discovered, we immediately took action to turn the plane around.

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