Corbyn’s would-be allies left unimpressed after he presents his ‘plan’ scrawled on Wetherspoons napkin

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Potential political allies not impressed by Corbyn's Brexit prevention plan scrawled onto Wetherspoons napkin

Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to prevent a no-deal Brexit has been met with opposition from key potential allies.

Corbyn unveiled his plan during a meeting with potential allies from the lib dem, and conservative parties. He took a stained napkin out of his pocket and told fellow MPs to ‘have a look and then pass it along, I’ve only got the one.’

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said she would not support making Mr Corbyn PM.

“It’s one thing to write a plan on a stained napkin from a working class chain restaurant, but it’s another to actually implement it. Now a plan written on a napkin from Pret a Manger? That’d be something,” said Swinson.

The plan, written with the haphazard penmanship of a drug addict trying to forge a doctor’s note, did not go down well with fellow MPs.

Tory Dame Caroline Spelman, who Corbyn hoped would support him, said she would not support a Corbyn-led government.

“His plan made no sense. It only had four steps, and one of them was just a bunch of question marks,” said Dame Spelman.
“I turned it over, and on the other side was the word ‘Johnson’ written over and over again. It was like a note you’d find hidden under the floorboards at a serial killer’s house.”

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, was one of the few who approved of Corbyn’s plan.

“I don’t think his plan should be ruled out at this stage, given the circumstances we should look into every possibility. Plus the napkin smelled like chips, so that was nice.”

After the meeting, Corbyn, in a rage, threw the napkin into an outsider dumpster

He later fished it out and put it in a recycling bin.


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