‘Corbyn sympathiser’ Grant Schapps puts Northern Rail into public ownership

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'Corbyn sympathiser' Grant Schapps puts Northern Rail into public ownership

Troubled rail company Northern is to be brought under government control, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said.

Following the announcement Daily Fail journalists, along with some senior Tories, accused Shapps of being a ‘Corbyn sympathiser’ with the Fail online posting a picture of Shapps wearing a red rose in his lapel at wedding last June as ‘proof’ that he’s ‘in league with Labour.’

Shapps said passengers had ‘lost trust in the north’s rail network’.

Asked for his thoughts on the matter, Boris Johnson said, ‘Where’s the north?’

At the start of the last election campaign, Mr Johnson described Labours’ plans to renationalise the railways as ‘terrifying’.

But he was less critical of the plan now it’s a Tory policy, saying ‘I…err…err…well it was a terrifying thought it might…err…be…err done under a Labour government and of course if it had been we would have..err…we would have err…we would have opposed such a plan. But if a man in a blue rosette wants to do it the he has my full support.’

Mr Shapps said, ‘People across the north deserve better, their communities deserve better.’

Adding, ‘But as they’ve got a Conservative government, the least we can do is adopt some Labour policies.’

Northern passengers have faced rail chaos ever since new timetables were introduced in May 2018.

With Conservatives keen to blame ‘that commie bastard Corbyn’ and his ‘ridiculous’ talk of renationalisation.

Arriva who run Northern Rail said it ‘understood the government’s decision’, but problems had been largely due to ‘external factors’

Such as lack of funding for rail infrastructure, a dodgy economy and nine years of Tory austerity.

Government-owned firm Network Rail was put on a warning earlier this month for its poor service on routes in the North West and Midlands.

Mr Schapps said that while that ‘may not bode well’ for Northern Rail customers, it will at least mean they get ‘a new hashtag to use when tweeting about the abysmal service received.’


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