CORBXIT! Labour remainers leave, leavers remain, Corbyn can’t make his mind up!

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CORBXIT! Labour remainers leave, leavers remain, Corbyn can't make his mind up2

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have apologised over Labour’s “catastrophic” defeat in Thursday’s election.

Did somebody say ‘JUST LEAVE?…OOH!’

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have been re-enacting Spartacus this week with each one trying out-‘it was my fault’ each other.

This has led to a new movement known as Corbxit!

Or ‘How the Fuck do we get rid of this Marxist git who just made us look like complete twats?’

HTFDWGROTMGWJMULLCT is too long so they settled on Corbxit.

It’s clear that anyone capable of losing an election to Boris Johnson by such a massive margin has about as much right to be Prime Minister as an aeroplane made from bacon.

Incidentally an aeroplane made from bacon was one idea for the Labour Party election transport on account of the fact it’d appease the anti-semites.

But it was cancelled on the last minute on account of the fact that planes made of bacon can’t fly.

Or they can’t yet, Elon Musk is looking into it, he’s also making a speed boat out of couscous but anyway.

The Labour Party as a whole however is in complete disarray.

Those who wanted to remain seem to have gone, those who wanted to leave are still there and Corbyn, who much like the grand old Duke of York, is neither in or out.

That is not to be confused with the current Duke of York who is neither grand, nor very old, but is definitely up Shit creek and he’s not coming down any time soon.

It seems that indecision will be poor Jeremy’s epitaph, except nobody knows where they’ll bury him because he’s lost the plot.


We’re here all week.

Try the bacon.


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