Cool young celebs no longer allowed to appear in Gambling Ads. Now only allowed to feature the old, the dead and the evil.

Young celebs no longer allowed to appear in Gambling Ads. Now only allowed to feature the old and the dead

Rules around gambling ads, which include a ban on the use of young celebrities and young sports stars, will become stricter, especially online.

We thought what the hell would put em off’? We came up with ads that involved naked clowns, two day old hummus and the inside of Katie Price’s mouth… but they just weren’t hitting it. Then suddenly Dave just shouted “OLD  CELEBS” and honestly, everything before that suggestion was an absolute waste of my time. Nothing scares people more than ageing actresses popping up on your screen. It’s a reminder that you have between 16 and 25 to make it.  Thus, subliminally sending a message to the young gamblers; “YOUTH must put down the phone”. It’s a pun we’re still working on…

“They shouldn’t be using individuals who maybe have that youth appeal, the professional footballer who’s just burst onto the scene,” he said.

So we thought of an older footballer who has little if not no appeal at all, and well, Gascoigne is well keen. Saying he needs the cash, admitting to us “Look I gambled and lost everything I had, if I do this ad, I will be able to gamble more”.

“That means not targeting advertising at children and young people… and ensuring that the contents of those ads doesn’t feature material that appeals particularly to them.”

So the list of old and unappealing material began. We listed all famous women over 35 and then all famous men over 80.

We thought we should chuck in a few of the dead celebrities too. I mean, you see Robin Williams just sadly staring at you on your screen, chances are you’re going to put it down.

CAP says care must be taken that gambling ads do not appear in the children’s section of websites – such as the young supporters’ pages of a football club.

However, this doesn’t matter as much now, because if they do, they’ve got ‘Gascoigne no teeth’ popping up left and right, they’ll be moving onto the next activity quicker than Gascoigne can get to the pub.

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