Comedy Writer and Satirist disowned by family for voting for ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’

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Mrs. Brown's Boys new year's special expected to destroy the entire Good Friday Agreement

Mrs. Brown’s Boys has beaten Fleabag and After Life to win a fifth comedy prize at the National Television Awards.

Consequently, a middle-aged comedy writer and satirist has been disowned by his family and turfed out of his own home after admitting he quite likes ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ and that he voted for the show in this year’s National Television Awards.

The show beat Fleabag and Afterlife for best comedy

Fictional comedy writer Colin Collinson (44) of Barton Stacey, whose corresponding similarities to any living comedy writer are purely coincidental,  is now living on a park bench in nearby Sutton Scotney after his family changed the locks and cleaned out the joint current account whilst he nipped out for a cheeky pint at his local ‘The Startled Vicar’ during Wednesday lunchtime.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys was first broadcast in 2011

Mr. Collinson’s family first suspected the writers liking for the show at Christmas when they heard muffled giggling from his man cave last Boxing Day when he retreated to his den to ‘to catch up with ‘a few things on iplayer’.

“Naturally, I thought my husband was watching the top light entertainment  and brilliantly conceived ‘Gavin and Stacey’  special”, a clearly distraught Mrs. Collinson (44) described, “But over breakfast the next day he started to drop subtle hints about how clever Mrs. Brown’s Boys is, before describing in great detail the real-life relations of the actors off-screen and how that is played upon whilst they are in character.”

The National Television Awards are chosen by the public

Mr Collinson’s friends also suspected his predication towards the BBC comedy in mid-January.

“It was when we were talking about ‘Fleabag’ and Colin mentioned how he loved how the fourth wall was broken in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s hit show, as a tribute to Agnes Brown’s monologues”, recounted former friend, but current leech and drinking partner Miles Mileson (54), “But his dark. comedic leanings were confirmed when he said that at least ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ has more laughs than Ricky Gervais’ masterpiece ‘Afterlife.’ ”

The NTA Awards were hosted by zany actor and reality show panelist David Walliams

And things were brought to a head on Tuesday night, when Mr. Collinson insisted the family watch the NTA awards live and started to laugh uncontrollably at the nomination clips for Mrs. Brown’s Boys, before dancing in jubilation when the show won its award, as his family watched on in stony silence. It was then he confessed he actually liked Mrs. Brown’s Boys, which he has been watching in secret for eight years and dropped the bombshell that he had voted for the show in this year’s NTA poll.

In 2016, the show was named the greatest British sitcom in a Radio Times audience poll

“To think this was the same man who introduced me to ‘Parks and Recreation’ “, a tearful Mrs. Collinson sobbed, “Even the dog sensed something was not quite right and hid in his bed for the rest of the evening”

At the 2012 BAFTA Television Awards, Mrs. Brown’s Boys won the award for Best Situation Comedy

Meanwhile, Mr Collinson has been accepted by the local community in Sutton Scotney, who have been showing, the newly homeless comedy writer with gifts, “People have been very kind”, he added, “I have had several boxes of Mince pies beyond their best before date donated and one kind resident has given me a Freeplay radio, so I can listen to ‘The News Quiz’, but I do miss my Blue-Ray box set of ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ “


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