Climate change protesters block roads in London causing massive rise in pollution.

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Climate change protests end in traffic chaos as schoolchildren phone their parents to come and pick them up

Climate change protesters have blocked roads across central London sparking traffic disruption,

and sending air pollution levels in the capital to their highest on record.

The protest was great news for Starbucks and Costa who had hordes of lorry, bus and taxi drivers queuing up to hand over their cash to two of the giants of capitalism.

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after a glass revolving door at oil company Shell’s HQ in Waterloo was smashed.

A female employee was also held on suspicion of damage after smashing through the glass ceiling, but it transpired that she works in marketing and had just been promoted.

Extinction Rebellion campaigners parked a boat at Oxford Circus, and blocked Marble Arch and Piccadilly Circus causing significant disruption.They also blocked off roads around Parliament Square,

but the complete logjam leading to frustration with the lack of progress was less noticeable there.

Since its launch last year, Extinction Rebellion members have poured buckets of fake blood outside Downing Street, blockaded the BBC and stripped semi-naked in Parliament.

But after so far doing nothing but make people laugh, they hope this latest action will raise their profile by really pissing people off.

The group has three stated demands; for the government to, reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025, create a citizens’ assembly to oversee progress, and ‘tell the truth about climate change’.

To date, the government’s response has been to put their fingers in their ears and shout ‘la, la, la’. A number 10 insider said it’s unlikely carbon emissions can be reduced to zero within 6 years, and since the referendum Downing Street have limited trust in the public. Asked about the government telling the truth, he simply laughed and said, ‘There’s more chance of one of those protesters going home in a Hummer.’

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