Chris Evans takes listeners back to the 90s with new Virgin breakfast show. Highlights include an interview with up-and-coming comedians Paul Whitehouse and Simon Day, and a look ahead to Euro ’96.

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Chris Evans has kicked off his new breakfast show on Virgin Radio.

Kicking off the first episode following his switch from BBC Radio 2, the broadcaster pledged to help people block out the troubled times we live in by turning back the clock 23 years to when everything was just better.

Highlights included the playing of ‘Wake Up Boo’ by the Boo Radleys – a track Evans has promised to include every morning – an interview with up-and-coming comedians Paul Whitehouse and Simon Day, and a look-ahead to the forthcoming Euro 96 tournament.

The launch won rave reviews.

From people in their 30s and 40s who wish they could turn back the clock to a happier time when Britain wasn’t inexorably shuffling closer to the abyss.

“I know it wasn’t real but it was nice to be able to pretend for a couple of hours that we lived in a world filled with optimism and fun, rather than this nightmarish nowscape,” said 40-year-old recruitment consultant Tom Powell.

“My favourite bit was hearing in the news that Labour’s charismatic new leader Tony Blair had taken a double-digit lead in the polls ahead of next year’s general election.”

Emma Grey, a 45-year-old nurse from Bristol, said: “Life was so much better in 1996. I didn’t have kids, my back wasn’t constantly aching and no-one had heard of Jacob Rees-Mogg or Brexit.

“I’d give anything to go back – including sacrificing my own children. At least Evans lets me pretend for a bit each morning.”

Many paid tribute to Evan’s musical selection.

Others paid tribute to the music, which included cheery, tuneful tracks by Britpop favourites Blur, Supergrass and Space – and absolutely nothing by Ed Sheeran, The 1975 or Stormzy.

Evans urged listeners to tune in again tomorrow.

When the show will feature an exclusive interview with beloved children’s entertainer Rolf Harris.

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