Chemical Weapons Testing Lab made out of Lego. Putin absolutely bricking it.

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The Kremlin could soon be facing a new American challenge – and it’s made out of Lego.

No, it’s not Lego Batman. He’s clearly pro-Russia. If you don’t believe me, just watch him when he eats a bowl of Borscht. Slow, steady soviet discipline.

American scientists have created a cheap, portable chemical weapons testing laboratory using a smartphone, chemical plates, and a dark room made out of Lego.

Enterprising Toymakers are already pitching their wares to government departments around the world.

Sweden’s Police will soon be using a Travel Etch-A-Sketch in place of it’s Identi-Fit department…

The French Pest Control Task Force will begin replacing real mousetraps with the board game Mouse Trap.

Germany will replace it’s failure of a football team with Connect Four. Which is two more than they managed to ‘connect’ before being knocked out of this year’s World Cup.

And Moscow’s Tax Office will soon start using Russian Dolls to hide all of Putin’s dodgy money.

Meanwhile, fears are growing over the prospect of a Trump ‘peace deal’ with Putin’s Russia.

Because if there’s one thing scarier than war, it’s… peace?!

According to some reports, Britain fears a Trump-Putin peace deal would undermine Nato…

If Theresa May had an issue with being undermined, she was doing a great job of hiding it.

In fact I thought that “willingness to openly undermine the PM” was the most important factor when it comes to deciding who’s in and who’s out of the cabinet.

Is this pure speculation? When asked whether peace a deal would be on the table, White House officials explained they were unsure of how Donald Trump planned to handle the meeting in Europe.

In fairness, I’d be worried if anyone in the White House did know what Trump was up to.

In fact, I’d surprised if Trump himself knew what Trump was up to.


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